Can the glass processing center do 3 or 4 stations?2020-06-15T15:05:30+08:00

At present, our processing center can achieve up to 2 stations. When processing one station, the other station can load and unload the film, so that the machine does not stop processing and wastes time and efficiency. Moreover, if you do 3 or 4 stations, the stroke must be increased. The cost of the machine will also increase, and the efficiency has not improved, so there is no need to do 3 or 4 stations.

How is the glass of Zhongdu’s machining center positioned?2020-06-15T15:05:00+08:00

Our machining center adopts three-point positioning, and all products can determine the unique position through the three points.

What clamping method is used to fix the glass of Zhongdu glass equipment?2020-06-15T15:04:05+08:00

Our equipment uses vacuum suction cups to fix glass products.

Do you need to program your own glass processing center?2020-06-15T15:03:05+08:00

It can be programmed by itself, but it is not necessary for conventional machining. If you want to process a product, you only need to import the CAD graphics of the product into the computer of the processing center, and then set some specific parameters to process.

Is the operation of Zhongdu machining center easy to use?2020-06-15T15:02:15+08:00

The future trend of our glass processing center is the modular operation, which will be more and more simple. The purpose of replacing manual labor with automated equipment is to solve the human problem. If the requirements for manual labor are still very high, the meaning of using the equipment will be lost, but relatively speaking, if people know more, our machines will be familiar. Faster, of course, if you don’t understand much, just need an adaptation process, we will have a dedicated trainer to train your employees on site until the operator can skillfully operate our glass processing center.

How is the glass processing center positioned? How to position special-shaped glass?2020-06-15T15:01:09+08:00

The Zhongdu glass processing center adopts three-point positioning, and all products can determine the unique position through the three points.

Ordinary 8000 rpm motor and high speed motor are better? Is there any difference?2020-06-15T15:00:19+08:00

High speed and low speed are not good or bad, this is just a technical issue. The high-speed motor is used to grind the inner circle, because the grinding wheel generally equipped with the grinding wheel is relatively small, so high speed is required; and the ordinary 8000 rpm motor with the standard specification grinding wheel is completely acceptable in the general edging chamfer.

How long is Zhongdu’s mechanical equipment guaranteed?2020-06-15T14:59:08+08:00

Our equipment has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

What types of glass can the glass edging machine grind?2020-06-15T14:57:55+08:00

Zhongdu machine glass edging machine can process all kinds of electronic glass, home appliance glass, automotive glass, furniture glass, bathroom glass, crystallized glass, display glass flat glass and so on.

What should I do if the alarm failure of the full-automatic glass shaped edge grinding machine?2020-06-15T14:52:58+08:00

I believe that many customers will encounter problems with the alarm of the glass shaped edger for unknown reasons. In fact, these are small problems. If everyone can check the problem and solve the problem, then don’t worry. The sales personnel of the machine manufacturers come to the door, and the production will be smoother. Let me introduce you how to troubleshoot the alarm.

1. AL007 motor overspeed alarm, first check whether the machine is stuck, whether the speed is overspeed.
2. AL009 position deviation alarm, same as above.
3. AL006 overload alarm: check whether the power line UVW is connected; check the machinery.
4. AL011, AL024; AL028; AL026 code signal alarm, first check whether the motor parameters match, then check or replace the code line, and finally check or replace the motor.
5. AL003 (undervoltage) and AL002 (overvoltage) alarms to detect whether the input power voltage is normal. If the external is normal, replace the drive,
6. AL001 over-current alarm, check the connection state of the motor and the driver or whether the conductor body is short-circuited, and the connection sequence of the motor and the driver, whether the temperature of the heat sink is abnormal.
7. AL004 Motor matching abnormal alarm, check whether the motor and the driver are consistent, if it does not correspond, set the parameters of the driver to correspond to it.
8. AL031 motor U, V, W wiring error alarm, motor POWER LINE U, V, W, GND wiring error, please connect the wires according to the color, red (U), white (V), black (W) in order The wire is locked on the motor output seat of Lushang.
If the above troubleshooting method is not correct, you can only find the original manufacturer for repair. Finally, Zhongdu Machinery wishes everyone a happy use of the machine.

How long will Zhongdu Machinery’s equipment be delivered?2020-06-15T14:51:28+08:00

In general, the delivery time of glass processing center, single station chamfering machine and double station chamfering machine is 25-30 days, and the delivery time of connected glass chamfering machine is 50-60 days. (Specifically depends on the company’s production)

In addition to rounded corners, square corners and duck-bill corners, there are many other special-shaped products that cannot be done?2020-06-15T14:49:08+08:00

Zhongdu fully automatic glass edging machine is not only professionally suitable for chamfering 90 degrees of various glasses, but also any shape within the stroke range can be accurately completed, whether it is rounded corners, square corners, duckbill corners, or other shapes, all It can be precisely processed, and processing high-quality products is not a problem at all! Real chamfering as you like!

Will the grinding wheel wear affect the machining accuracy?2020-06-15T14:40:34+08:00

The grinding wheel of the fully automatic glass processing center is automatically compensated and repaired.
Automatic compensation: For example, 0.1 wire is consumed for one circle of grinding, and then 0.1 wire is consumed by the grinding wheel after one circle of grinding. The system will automatically compensate for 0.1 wire to ensure the accuracy of the product.
Automatic repair: The groove of the grinding wheel will become deeper and deeper when the glass is ground, and the surface of the glass will be ground. In order to avoid this situation, the grinding wheel must be repaired in time to make the groove smaller. For example, if it is set to grind 20 pieces of glass, it will be repaired automatically once, then every time 20 pieces of glass are ground, it will automatically run to the place where the polishing wheel is repaired.

What is the reason that the suction cup of the glass edging machine can not be sucked?2020-06-15T14:40:29+08:00

It may be caused by the following reasons:
1. Check the suction cup for leaks.
2. Suction cup pressure is not enough, look at the vacuum gauge, the pressure is above 0.08.
3. Check whether the storage cylinder is blocked, whether there is any gas, and whether it is blocked.
4. Is the cylinder stuck or not in place?
5. Check if there is water in the inlet of the vacuum pump and if there is water in the outlet.
6. Whether the vacuum pump is running.

What happened to the scorched edge, chipped edge, and joint at the beginning?2020-06-15T14:41:31+08:00

It may be caused by the following reasons:
1. The grinder eats too much;
2. The water is not right and the water pressure is too small;
3. The wheel mesh is too thick and the main shaft jitter is too large;
4. The cutting speed is too fast;
5. If you eat too many knives, there will be joints for glass displacement.

How to lift the servo alarm AL005 of Zhongdu CNC glass processing center?2020-06-15T14:43:10+08:00

Reason for alarm 1: Wrong selection of regenerative resistor or external regenerative resistor not connected.
Check: Confirm the connection status of the regenerative resistor.
Remedy: Recalculate the regenerative resistance value and set the parameter values of P1-52 and P1-53 correctly again. If the alarm is still not cleared, please return the driver to the original factory.
Reason 2: When the regenerative resistor is not used, the parameter of the regenerative resistor capacity (P1-53) is not set to zero.
Check: confirm whether the regenerative resistance capacity parameter (P1-53) is zero;
Treatment method: If the regenerative resistor is not used, please set the regenerative resistor capacity parameter (P1-53) to zero.
Alarm reason 3: Parameter setting error
Check: Confirm the setting value of the regenerative resistance parameter (P1-52) and the setting of the regenerative resistance capacity parameter (P1-53).
Treatment method: reset the parameter values of P1-52 and P1-53 correctly
If the above method still fails to lift the alarm, please return to the original factory for repair.

The correct maintenance method of glass edging machine2020-06-15T14:43:15+08:00

1. When using the water tank to supply circulating water, please change the processing water after processing every day to prevent the water pipe from being blocked by dirt in the water tank.

2. When changing the water, please unplug the power plug first, then take out the water tank, drain the waste water, and clean the dust in the water tank and the filter net.

3. Clean the water spout. Once the water spout is blocked, the amount of water is reduced or there is no water, which leads to a reduction in processing capacity and even failure to work. When cleaning the spout, pull out the nozzle, and use a thin needle to remove the blockage inside the nozzle.

4. Clean the waterproof cover of the edging machine. Working for a long time will make the cutting dust of the lens adhere to the waterproof cover. If it is not cleaned in time, the cutting dust will solidify and it is difficult to remove. Thereby affecting the observation line of sight. After processing every day, please clean with a brush and water spray container.

5. clean the edging room, prolonged processing, the cutting dust will be attached to the clip shaft, chuck and edging room wall. If it is not removed in time, the lens will be scratched, and the seal ring of the clip shaft will wear and cause the machine head Into the water. There are two cleaning methods:

(1) Clean directly with a brush and water spray container.

(2) Enter the machine cleaning mode for cleaning. This method can also clean the water supply pipeline inside the machine.

For specific steps, please refer to the operating instructions provided with the device.

6. Clean the shell of the edging machine and scanner. After using the machine every day, it must be cleaned immediately. If it is cleaned after a few days, the cutting powder will solidify on the casing and will be difficult to remove. Clean the case with a soft cloth and neutral detergent.

7. Dressing the grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is blunt, the processing time becomes longer. In order to restore the performance of the grinding wheel, it should be repaired in time (after about 1000 pieces of glass).

What are the commonly used tool setting methods for CNC machining centers?2020-06-15T14:44:16+08:00

In actual application, to complete a complete workpiece, several or even 10 to 20 tools may be used in the process. The original method is to try one by one. This method is relatively old-fashioned and the accuracy of tool setting is relatively poor. In reality, it is still rarely used. Today I mainly learn to share with you the following two methods of tool setting.

1. Active tool setting method
Active tool setting is accomplished using the tool inspection function of the CNC machining base equipment. This device can actively and accurately measure the length of each tool in each coordinate direction, and can actively correct the tool error value. All inspection and batch improvement processes can be performed on the machine tool. Completed on the basis of normal operation. This tool setting method is completely completed by electronic control equipment, which eliminates the error of man-made tool setting, so the tool setting accuracy is higher and the tool setting power is also very good.
2. Tool setting method
The tool setting tool is used for tool setting. Because of its higher economical type, it is the primary method for tool setting in CNC machining bases today. The tool setting is divided into two types: internal tool setting instrument tool setting and external tool setting tool tool setting. The tool setting tool outside the machine needs to be calibrated outside the machine tool in advance, and then the tool can be used after being installed on the machine tool; the tool setting tool inside the machine is the method of directly installing the tool in a fixed orientation of the machine tool for measurement .

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