Zhongdu Machinery – Operator of glass automation deep processing system solution

Zhongdu Machinery has15+ years of deep glass processing experience, is a stable and mature and reliable glass edging equipment manufacturer in the market

Glass processing center

The glass processing center is widely used for the edging, chamfering and special-shaped processing of flat glass; it can be chamfered, polished, edged and inner holes. The operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, the precision is within 0.10mm, and the scrap rate is almost zero!

  • Multifunctional edging machine capable of processing round edge, straight edge, duckbill edge and step edge
  • One machine realizes multiple processes including edging, chamfering and polishing
  • One-step processing of glass products, safe and reliable, high degree of automation
  • Multi-wheel coaxial technology, automatic tool change, no need to change wheels, greatly reducing processing time
  • Processing accuracy is within 0.10mm
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Smart Glass Chamfering Line

The equipment can be docked with the previous process (double-sided machine) and transferred to the chamfering processing position for processing the front two corners/rear two corners. After the processing is completed, it is directly transferred to the glass washing machine. The whole process of the glass is free of manual handling

Automatic glass chamfering machine

Full-automatic glass chamfering machine is the manual operation of the glass chamfering process, which is changed to computer control, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional chamfering machine, and has the characteristics of stable quality and easy operation of processed products.

  • Automatic lifting and changing tool, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing can be completed in one time
  • Any shape within the stroke range can be chamfered as you like, the processed products are accurate, the chamfering is smooth, and there is no interface
  • The touch screen operation interface is convenient and easy to operate, without professional technicians, ordinary workers can operate
  • Low labor intensity and stable quality of processed products
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