Zhongdu is committed to contributing value to global glass deep-processing companies. Provide shareholders, business partners and employees with opportunities and platforms to realize their beautiful dreams!

“Zhongdu” people are well aware that modern enterprises must not only realize material value, but also realize cultural value. Today’s corporate competition is not only economic competition, but also human competition, cultural competition, ethical wisdom competition. The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to serve society and maximize social value! Only companies that serve the society and are recognized by the society can grow bigger and stronger!

  • The values of Zhongdu: honesty and promise, realistic and innovative.
  • The spirit of Zhongdu: optimism, never give up, professional perseverance, excellence!

  • The philosophy of Zhongdu: There is no best, only better!
  • Zhongdu Belief: Full communication, sincere cooperation, accumulated bit by bit, towards perfection!
  • The goal of Zhongdu: to have a big picture in mind, to coexist and win-win!
  • The concept of Zhongdu Talent: people-oriented, division of labor and cooperation, and talents!
  • The concept of Zhongdu competition: do not compete for customers at low prices, but seek benefits from high-quality products!
  • Zhongdu Quality Concept: Create the best products and services based on talents and technology!
  • Zhongdu brand concept: wonderful innovation, perfect quality!
  • Zhongdu service concept: take customer needs as the core and customer satisfaction as the goal!
  • The concept of Zhongdu market: make products first, then make markets, customer recognition is the best advertising!
  • Standards of Conduct: 1. Teamwork spirit 2. Customer focus 3. Equal treatment of employees 4. Continuous motivation and innovation