Project Description

Glass processing center, also known as fully automatic shaped glass edge grinding machine, can chamfer, polish, edge grind and inner hole grind glass. Simple operation, low labor intensity, accuracy within ±0.1mm, and almost zero scrap rate!

Application scope: The equipment is widely used for edge grinding and chamfering of flat glass; such as home appliance glass, automotive glass, electronic glass, microcrystalline glass, bathroom glass, kitchen and bathroom glass, furniture glass, display cabinet glass, rock board, ceramics, ITO target and other materials.

The equipment can be connected with automatic manipulators and transmission lines (signal ports reserved) to realize automatic production lines.

Equipment name Glass processing center
Equipment brand Zhongdu
Equipment origin Dongguan, Guangdong
Equipment model ZD-1208-P
Minimum glass processing size 100mm*80mm
Maximum glass processing size 1200mm*800mm
Processable glass thickness 2-10mm
Processing speed 8 meters/minute
Processing accuracy ±0.10mm
Maximum load 300kg
Equipment size 3.0m*2.2m*2.1m
Equipment weight 3500kg
Operating system Zhongdu OS
Machine use Widely used for edge grinding and special-shaped processing of flat glass; can be chamfered, polished, edged, inner hole grinding, etc.
  • Multifunctional edging machine capable of processing round edge, straight edge, duckbill edge and step edge
  • One machine realizes multiple processes including edging, chamfering and polishing
  • One-step processing of glass products, safe and reliable, high degree of automation
  • Multi-wheel coaxial technology, automatic tool change, no need to change wheels, greatly reducing processing time
  • Processing accuracy is within 0.10mm
  • The machine bed is made of 12MM thick-walled steel pipe after welding and heat treatment to ensure stable structure
  • The X, Y and Z axes all use TBI grinding grade precision ball screw, high precision rectangular linear guide rail to ensure the stability and precision of the machine tool operation
  • Professional control system, international standard G code instruction
  • Multi-wheel coaxial design, no need to change wheels, greatly reducing processing time