Project Description

The single-station automatic glass chamfering machine is a manual operation of the glass chamfering process, which is changed to computer control, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional chamfering machine, and has the characteristics of stable quality and easy operation of processed products.

Equipment name Single station glass chamfering machine
Equipment brand Zhongdu
Origin of equipment Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Equipment model ZD-580-P
Equipment volume 1.7m*1.4m*1.9m
Equipment weight 850kg
Chamfer range R2mm-R80mm / C1-C35
Processing glass thickness 2mm-10mm
Minimum processed glass size 300*400mm
Power Equipment 10kVA
Chamfer Speed 8m/min
Operating system Zhongdu OS
Machine use It is used in fields such as household appliance panel glass, furniture glass, architectural glass, electronic screen glass, etc. that require chamfering
  • One machine has two stations, station 1 and station 2 are processed in sequence, which greatly improves the efficiency of product processing
  • Any shape within the stroke range can be chamfered as you like, the processed products are accurate, the chamfering is smooth, and there is no interface
  • The mouse operation interface is convenient, easy to operate, no professional technicians are required, and ordinary workers can operate with low labor intensity and stable quality of processed products
  • This model can be customized as a single station, the chamfering range can be increased from the original R2mm-R60mm to R2mm-R350mm
  • Product standardization (to eliminate manual chamfering errors, accurate chamfering, and reduce loss!) Within the stroke range, any shape can be accurately completed, and the accuracy is about five wires. Even if there is an error in the diagonal of the glass, the interface is smooth. Ordinary employees can operate on the job, without any technical requirements, just press the start button. Let enterprises completely get rid of the dependence on manual work of chamfering, edging and polishing.
Project name Parameter
Model ZD-580-P
Mechanical stroke X/Y/Z 200mm/200mm/150mm
Chamfer range R2mm-R80mm
Processing glass thickness 2mm-10mm
Spindle speed 3000rpm
Spindle horsepower 3kW
X/Y/Z axis fast delivery 10m/min
Feed rate 8m/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm / 500mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.03mm / 500mm
Equipment volume 1.7m*1.4m*1.9m
Weight 850kg
Power Equipment 10kVA
Screw/Line Rail Taiwan (optional)
Servo motor Delta (optional)