Project Description

Zhongdu bilateral connection intelligent chamfering machine, the equipment completes the entire processing process in a pipeline mode, without manual handling, using automatic image capture positioning glass chamfering smooth, efficient, accurate and other advantages, saving time and labor.

Equipment name Smart glass chamfering line
Equipment brand Zhongdu
Origin of equipment Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Equipment model ZD-560-P
Equipment volume 3.9m*5.4m*2.65m
Weight 4000kg
Chamfer range R1mm-R60mm / C1-C35
Chamfer accuracy ±0.05/500mm
Processing glass thickness 3mm-10mm
Minimum processed glass size 230mm*420mm
Total power 14kVA
Chamfer speed 8m/min
Operating system Zhongdu OS
Machine use Used in bathroom glass, furniture countertop glass, architectural glass and other glass products that need to be chamfered (the advantages of large and thick films are more obvious)
  • With automatic opening and closing function to achieve intelligent chamfering
  • Using automatic compensation positioning technology to ensure absolute standard chamfering, smooth interface, tolerance within ±0.03mm
  • Chamfer rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing once in place
  • Process before and after docking to realize automatic information docking
  • The quality of the processing port is stable and the scrap rate is low
  • For glass products, customize the intelligent chamfering line that is best for you
  • The machine bed is made of 12MM thick-walled steel pipe after welding and heat treatment to ensure stable structure
  • The X, Y and Z axes all use TBI grinding grade precision ball screw, high precision rectangular linear guide rail to ensure the stability and precision of the machine tool operation
  • Professional control system, international standard G code instruction
  • Multi-wheel coaxial design, no need to change wheels, greatly reducing processing time
Project name Parameter
Model ZD-560-P
Processing opening and closing direction K 420≤K≤2600mm
Processing feed direction L 230≤L≤1100mm
Chamfer range R1mm-R60mm / C1-C35
Processing glass thickness 3mm-10mm
X/Y/Z axis fast delivery 10m/min
Feed rate 8m/min
Processing speed 2psc/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm / 500mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.03mm / 500mm
Equipment volume 3.9m*5.4m*2.6m
Weight 4000kg/unit
Power consumption 14kVA
Spindle speed 3000rpm
Screw/Line Rail Taiwan (optional)
Servo motor Delta (optional)