Zhongdu Machinery has been in the glass processing industry for 15 years, and the domestic glass processing industry equipment is becoming more and more mature. After many years of market experience accumulation, Zhongdu is gradually recognized and concerned by many domestic glass deep-processing companies. Numerous series of related models have also been released. The equipment technology has reached a fairly mature, stable and efficient stage. Zhongdu Machinery has launched a new-look glass processing center in May 2018. The design of the equipment is designed by senior machinery industry. It is designed by experts and combines the advantages of the previous equipment. The metal surface has added a baking paint process, which is more beautiful overall and enhances the ability of the equipment to resist water and rust. In terms of details, the head shell has also been humanized. Seeing the whole of the edging directly, it is easier to see the distance between the grinding wheel and the glass when the glass is set against the knife, the operator is more convenient to use the equipment, and at the same time there are more subtle equipment optimizations, I believe that our many mechanical equipment Will be more and more perfect, contribute to the glass deep processing industry.